Dispensaries & Delivery

At Youkti we believe that technology and information can empower people to improve their health and their lives. We partner with companies and organizations across the cannabis and plant medicine ecosystem to do just that, improve people’s health. Here’s how we can partner with your organization

Youkti partners with dispensaries to help them improve their understanding of their customers which in turn, helps them better serve their customers through:

Targeted Marketing

  • With Youkti, dispensaries can give the right offer to the right customer, at the right time. No more blanket offers that may or may not appeal to customers. 
  • It’s a win-win, customers are happy to take advantage of offers that are relevant to them and dispensaries improve their marketing ROIs

Deeper Relationships

  • Youkti’s live chat capability connects customers with dispensary experts to seamlessly field questions, give updates on inventory and provide product education
  • Connecting with customers in the communication channels they’re most comfortable with, mobile

How could a partnership with Youkti help you? Let’s chat, reach out to us at info@youkticollective.com or on our contact page.

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