At Youkti we believe that technology and information can empower people to improve their health and their lives. We partner with companies and organizations across the cannabis and plant medicine ecosystem to do just that, improve people’s health. Here’s how we can partner with your organization

Youkti partners with clinicians to help them improve their understanding of their patients helping them better serve their patients through:

Patient Insight

  • Patients who track their medication frequency, dose, modality and efficacy through Youkti can share this information with their clinicians providing data-driven insights and summary into what works vs. what doesn’t

Better patient outcomes

  • By tracking their medical cannabis use, patients shorten the ‘test and learn’ period increasing positive outcomes and reducing frustration that their medication ‘isn’t working’

Grow your practice

  • Market your services to patients looking for cannabis clinicians through our clinician directory
  • Offer targeted discounts to patients to grow your practice

How could a partnership with Youkti help you? Let’s chat, reach out to us at or on our contact page.
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